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by Terry Michael, October 10, 2006

Let the People Decide about Hastert
and the GOP Stewardship of Congress

Let democracy and the wisdom of a crowd (November voters) determine the outcome of this matter, not some "ethics" committee or" independent" counsel

Unlike some conservative-favored media outlets that seem to be hallucinating they practice journalism, The Washington Times showed old-fashioned journalistic integrity in urging Speaker Dennis Hastert to resign.

They allowed principle, rather than partisan editorial leanings, to guide their advice to the Speaker. But they got it wrong.

I would submit, as Congressman Tom Reynolds might put it, that the question of Mr. Hastert's continued leadership should be"taken to his supervisor," the House Republican Conference.

Call me an old-fashioned little "d" democrat, but I'm willing to leave moral and ethical judgments about an official's personal conduct to the wisdom of crowds--the electorate, in this case.........

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A Trinity of Big Lies in the
"Foley Diddles, Denny Fiddles" Follies

(1) Fag-abetting Democrats
(2) Endangered kiddies, and a
(3) Poor victimized, molested drunk

by Terry Michael, October 4, 2006

The possibilities for a New York Post headline were endless, but I’d have gone with, “Foley Diddles, Denny Fiddles.”

More than a little reminiscent of the disaster that rocked that other gay-hating defender of family values, the Roman Catholic church, this Republican made-for-cable sex scandal has spawned an unholy trinity of big lies.

Let’s start with the most outrageous, courtesy of Newt Gingrich. What a waste of talent is the former speaker........

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Jefferson's Jacksons: a Wake-up Call for Democrats
Who Are Trying to Win by Default, Without Firing up the Base

Use social-cultural issues to motivate the base --
about the only thing left, since congressional "leaders"
are timid on Iraq and there's no bad economy, stupid

by Terry Michael, June 7, 2006

The chilled Jacksons found in Congressman William Jefferson’s freezer could be a 2006 blessing-in-disguise for the party associated with those famous surnames.

If they are willing to engage in some serious cultural warfare in defense of individual rights, against the bigots who orchestrated the anti-gay marriage amendment, Democratic leaders could be grateful come November for this latest offering from Louisiana, the cradle of comedic political corruption, which once again reminds us that a culture of corruption isn't the sole province of one political party.......
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