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The Party of God, The Party
of "Reform" and Hypocrisy

by Terry Michael
September 9, 2007

The Party of God, we are shocked to learn, seems to have a libido. And, equally amazing, the Party of Reform apparently covets a little mammon on occasion.

When will self-righteous Republicans and holier-than-thou Democrats learn that hypocrisy, not sex and greed, is the original sin for which voters, and certainly cynical journalists, hold them accountable?

The anti-gay, pro-"family values" party, held captive by its Southern-based, evangelical wing, is repeatedly embarrassed when its David Vitters and Larry Craigs exhibit interest in 'hos and 'mos (translation for Beltway types: "whores" and "homosexuals.")

Likewise, the party of campaign finance "reform," intellectually imprisoned by the Washington ethics industry and its handmaidens in the ivory towers of liberal editorial pages, is caught with its Progressive Era pants down when a big pile of hot Jacksons ends up in William Jefferson's freezer, or when a financial supporter facing a felony indictment ends up on Hillary Clinton's donor list.

There is a solution to the demagogic payback resulting from these self-inflicted shots in the foot.

Republicans might want to review the Democrats' mid-20th Century divorce from their morally bankrupt, also Southern-based, segregationist wing, with which the party's northern liberal branch made a deal with the devil for decades, and which proved a constant embarrassment to its civil libertarian sensibilities.

GOP alignment with the sexual orientation bigots continues to drive millions of gay voters, many of whom share Republican economic values, into the arms of Democratic candidates, just as the party of Lincoln had a lock on poor black voters, who probably would have deserted the GOP sooner had Democrats not cozied up to the Theodore Bilbos and Ross Barnetts of the political underworld.

And Democrats, every time they are tempted to take a cheap shot at big-spending "special interests," would do well to consider that average voters have nothing against being rich and believe both parties succumb equally to the lure of campaign cash.

Democratic efforts to muzzle money with authoritarian "reform" measures carries with it the high price of infringement on First Amendment free speech values, which millions of us share with our party's founder.

Those of us who consider ourselves Jeffersonian Democrats want to gag every time we witness reactionary left-liberal rules junkies who try to legislate morality by suppressing monied speech they find inappropriate to their vision of the public good.

So beware you Republican and Democratic candidates, whenever the phrases "family values" or "special interests" find their way into your talking points. Prepare to cover your behinds, because those words will come back to bite you in the bottom when one of your own is found to value an interest in sex and greed.

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GOP faces an ideological meltdown
The religious right is out of step with most voters
and on its way out the door of American politics.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Should the mother-in-law moment be mocked or embraced?

When Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice used the term while swearing in the new international AIDS coordinator, referring to the mother of Dr. Mark Dybul’s partner, the easy response was, “more Republican hypocrisy.”

It was a curious utterance by Rice in the presence of first lady Laura Bush — the two highest profile women in a party officially defining marriage as a one-man, one-woman kind of thing.

It was no accident. There is no way Rice’s speech was not pre-cleared with Republican leaders, just weeks before partisan control of Congress was at stake in midterm elections.........

.......That may be hard to appreciate for those who have been conditioned to think the national GOP is owned and operated
by Falwell, Robertson and company.

Additional observation, not in original Blade piece:

As Republicans laugh both behind the backs of the religious right and in public mother-in-law moments, there is good reason to believe evangelicals will retreat to their mega-churches and, perhaps even eagerly, render unto God that which is not the Republican Party’s.......

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by Terry Michael, February 2, 2006
Winning with strategy or by default?
[Re: The Grand Old Party’s Old New Grand Strategy,
And the Democrats’ New Old Plan to Win by Default]

Why did Democratic consultants choose a two-week governor of Virginia to deliver a response to the State of the Union Address by Karl Rove's spokesman, President Bush?

No surprises here.  It took just 15 seconds for Gov. Tim Kaine to begin pouring Religion Lite -- one of the new favorite brews of the consultant wing of the Democratic Party, which apparently believes if you can't beat those GOP Christian conservatives, you might as well join 'em (sort of.)

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Right Loses Its Way, Now Its Mind
Published September 28, 2005
By Terry Michael

Republican "conservatives" have lost their way during the Bush big-spending era. Now, they've lost their collective mind.

Pigging out at the pork barrel is nothing new for the congressional GOP. They've competed with liberal Democrats to bring home the bacon for years -- though they both went for the whole hog in this year's assault on the treasury.... read the complete text, choose either:
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