Gary Johnson 2012

Penance for "anti-war" liberals:
a vote Nov. 6 for Gary Johnson

by Terry Michael

Anti-war liberal Democrats. I'm talkin' to you. Very specifically, you in the 40-or-so states and the District of Corruption in which I live, where electoral college scores for Democratic and Republican presidential candidates have been frozen on the board for months--years, in many cases.

Search your souls. Follow a path to penance I'm offering, for your failure to get in Barack Obama’s face these last four years, when our 2008 anti-war candidate became our commander-in-chief and chose to continue America’s permanent state of elective warfare.

Without costing Obama a single elector--I’m making this easy for you--send a peace message, by voting for the only serious presidential candidate who wants to stop sending young men and women to die and kill for nothing, in the tribal hills of Central Asia, the Graveyard of Empires, the non-nation state of Afghanistan.

Vote for former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, who would end the madness, not at the end of 2014, but at Noon tomorrow.

Many of you seem to take comfort in cackling about Mitt Romney’s vicious attack on Big Bird, when you should be aiming another bird at Barack Obama, for starting a "second Afghanistan war," when he “surged" tens of thousands of young American men and women into harm's way, for no national purpose. Let me remind you liberals, since you’ve probably blocked it from memory, that happened Tuesday, December 1, 2009, with a speech to an audience of teen-aged cadets at West Point. If weekend warrior George W. Bush had staged that charade, you would have been in a state of rage.

Then, two years later, right up to the end of the 2011 withdrawal deadline, Barack Obama had the audacity to try to negotiate keeping troops in Iraq, where thousands of Americans are still holed up in our imperial embassy.

Stop averting your eyes. Get off your dilettante liberal behinds, and challenge the military-industrial-labor-congressional-media complex. Heed the admonition of the co-founder of our Democratic Party, James Madison, who said two hundred years ago: “No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.”

I’m talkin’ to you, who sheepishly choose to lose all thoughts of the bloody permanent state of American Empire-building, the TexasBushCheneyHalliburton-war-profiteering  perpetuated by the anti-war candidate we elected president in 2008. Yes, “we.” Mea culpa. I wrote a libertarian Democrat case for Obama in September 2008.

I'm appealing to you, who--admit it--cringe a little each time you see First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden expressing their heartfelt support for the troops, the young men and women laid out at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center with brain concussions and without one or two of their arms or legs, because of Barack Obama’s failure to stand up to the military machine. You, who probably haven't had as much as a 5-minute conversation with anybody wearing a uniform, except maybe at that fund-raiser to end “don’t-ask-don’t-tell.”

I’m challenging you to no heavy lifting, in your solidly Democratic or Republican state. Just go cast a protest vote, for Gary Johnson, against the imperialistic lunacy, like that against which many of us protested--in the streets--when another Democratic president waged another horrific war that took the lives of 57,000 Americans and an estimated two million Vietnamese. Send a message not just to our present president, but to your fellow “liberal Democrats” in Congress, for whom massive offense spending is an AFL-CIO jobs program, just like it is corporate welfare bestowed by their Republican colleagues.

And then, probably take an Ambien. Because I don’t know how you've been able to sleep at night, in your state of anti-war but pro-O'bomba cognitive dissonance. The morning after November 6 will look a lot better, if you help pile up millions of anti-war messages--sent as votes for Gary Johnson.

A libertarian Democrat whose other thoughts are at, Terry Michael is a former press secretary for the Democratic National Committee. His day-job is directing the Washington Center for Politics & Journalism.


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