by Terry Michael, January 9, 2006

Those poor victimized Native Americans

from the Washington Post, Jan. 7, 2006, Page 1: "A Tribe Takes Grim Satisfaction in Abramoff's Fall"....
"It was thievery, tribal members said, that echoes the historic losses of Native Americans to European settlers....'Abramoff and his partner are the contemporary faces of the exploitation of native peoples,' said David Sickey, a member of the tribal council. 'In the 17th and 18th century, native people were exploited for their land. In 2005, they're being exploited for their wealth.'"

Thievery? Exploitation?

How about plain old unethical greed on the part of these modern day noble savages?

This takes identity politics victimology to soaring heights. The members of this tribe were just as slimy as Mr. Abramoff, attempting to purchase the public policy he was trying to peddle.

Both Abramoff and his "clients" were trying to get rich quick at the expense of taxpayers. If he ought to go to jail -- which he obviously should -- are the tribal elders victims, or fully culpable parties to a corrupt bargin?
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